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If you have been charged with a crime, if you are being investigated by police for a criminal offense, or if you have a loved one who is in jail or has an active warrant for his or her arrest, you should immediately contact a criminal defense attorney. The life-changing consequences that will result from a criminal conviction demand consultation with a legal professional. The demands of a criminal prosecution—its threat against your freedom and future, its requirement of your time, its strain on your finances—can cause anxiety, fear, and depression. You cannot afford to go through this process on your own.

Fortunately, you do not have to face the criminal justice system alone! Hiring a criminal defense lawyer is one of the best investments you can make to protect your rights, your freedoms, and your future. Criminal Defense Attorney Jeff Brown uses his extensive criminal experience, both as a former prosecutor and a defense attorney, to provide you with a defense as unique as you are. Mr. Brown takes the time to listen to you, to understand what is important to you, and to build a legal defense that aims to achieve what is most important to you.

Jeff Brown, Attorney at Law, offers free consultations to its clients. Mr. Brown also knows that your time is important. That is why he will come to you for your consultation. Pick a place that is convenient to you, and Mr. Brown will be there! Mr. Brown strives to make excellent criminal defense affordable by offering competitive retainer rates and payment plans on almost all criminal cases. Call now to see how affordable an excellent criminal defense attorney can be!



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